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[Issue 245] Surprising += Cast Surprisingly, the compound arithmetic expression contains a cast that can produce some interesting side effects. In this newsletter we explore this and other edge cases in the Java Language Specification.
[Issue 244] Your Brilliant Java Career My mother is a trained physiotherapist. Ergonomics and physical health has always interested me, even though like most of us, I struggle with laziness. As Java programmers, we need to keep in shape if we want to work for a long time, both mentally and physically. In this newsletter, I share 4 magical words by the creator of Dilbert that transformed me into Forrest.
[Issue 243] Hacking together a CircularArrayList (Video Tutorials) For our 16th anniversary edition, we have produced three short video tutorials on how to build your own CircularArrayList in Java, based on the AbstractList.
[Issue 242] Concurrency Puzzle Explained, Solved With StampedLock Most programmers had a blind spot with the statement "arr[size++] = e;" We somehow think that size will be updated after the assignment. In this newsletter we look at this basic concurrency bug and also present a solution in the form of the Java 8 StampedLock.
[Issue 241b] Concurrency Puzzle Useful Hints In the previous newsletter, we sent out a threading puzzle for you to solve. Here are some hints to help you figure out what is going on.
[Issue 241] Concurrency Puzzle - System.arraycopy() "Friends don't let friends write low level concurrency by themselves." -@karianna. Here is your chance to participate in a global code review puzzle to figure out what's going on in some synchronized code.

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