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Extreme Java - Advanced Topics Course

Finishing School for the Professional Java Programmer

If you answer "yes!" to any of these questions, then this course is for you:

  • Would you like to learn some advanced techniques for writing Java code?
  • Would you like to understand Java NIO?
  • Would you like to understand the intricacies of Java memory, including tips on how to diagnose problems?
  • Have you ever wondered what possibilities exist in the reflection API?
  • Or wondered what data structures would be best suited to your application?
  • Or looked for better ways of managing exceptions?

The "Extreme Java - Advanced Topics" Course is authored by Dr Heinz Kabutz, the publisher of The Java Specialists' Newsletter. It includes (under license) training material produced by It is based on our bestselling Java Specialist Master Course.

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"This course embodies my Java knowledge and experience gained publishing 200 advanced Java newsletters, teaching hundreds of seminars and writing hundreds of thousands of lines of Java code."
Heinz Kabutz, The Java Specialists Newsletter

During this 2-day course, we will study over 300 slides of advanced Java topics. Each major section is followed by practical hands-on exercises to apply what you have learned. Even the most experienced Java programmer will be stimulated and challenged.

This course is ideally suited to the professional Java programmer with at least 2 years experience, who would like to learn how to truly master the Java Programming Language.


Previous Training Preferably a formal qualification in computer science or related field.

Required Experience At least two years of professional Java programming. Are you unsure whether you are ready for this course? Try our free Java Specialist Master Course Prep.

Equipment Computers with the latest version of Oracle JDK preinstalled, together with an IDE of your choice (e.g. Netbeans, Eclipse or IntelliJ).


To get the most from the course, we recommend that you study some of the relevant articles on this newsletter. We have put together a free PDF containing all those newsletters that have had an influence in shaping this course. Please click here to download your free copy.


There are several options for you to attend this course:

    Inhouse course: Presented at your company either in person or via video conferencing. Price is $7500 (€6500) for up to 10 students, above that is an additional $750 (€650) per student, plus the travel expenses of the instructor. Please contact us to make a booking.
    Classroom course: We offer this course as a class room course in various locations around the world, such as San Francisco, Ottawa, Toronto, Düsseldorf, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm and Chania on Crete, to name a few. Price for the 3 day course is $1500 (€ 1300) per student. See below for our course calendar or send us an enquiry if your city is not listed.
Place Remote
Dates Presenter Language Fees
Canoo Basel or Zürich No 13-14 Mar 2017 Kabutz English CHF 1500
Java Specialists Headquarters
Chania - Greece
Yes 24-25 Apr 2017 Kabutz English €1300
Java Specialists Headquarters
Chania - Greece
Yes 21-22 Aug 2017 Kabutz English €1300
Java Specialists Headquarters
Chania - Greece
Yes 23-24 Oct 2017 Kabutz English €1300

Note: All quoted prices are excluding VAT and other local taxes. Please contact us for an exact quote for your situation. Also, most courses will give discounts for 3 or more students or if they are booked early.

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Extreme Java - Advanced Topics
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